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Treatment of local forms of aspergillosis. In the treatment of aspergillosis of the ENT organs and eyes, the leading place is occupied by local treatment. Antifungal drugs are used in the form of ointments, creams and drops, always in combination with enzymes and antiseptics. Rice. 24. Aspergillus grows like mold on the surface of many substrates. They use organic matter to sustain themselves.

Treatment is only indicated when symptoms are present. Hemoptysis is treated with medication (tranexamic acid), surgery (resection), and arterial embolization. Itraconazole reduces the size of the fungal cavity, but does not act quickly enough to be used for life-threatening hemoptysis.

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Causes of Quetiapine pills and factors that increase the risk of infection Classification Symptoms of aspergillosis in humans How is it diagnosed Treatment of aspergillosis What is dangerous mycosis Prevention of infection. Causes of aspergillosis and factors that increase the risk of infection. Pulmonary aspergillosis is a mycotic disease caused by aspergillus molds. They cause both superficial (non-invasive) and deep (invasive) mycoses: eye; skin; bronchi; lungs; ear; pleura, etc.

This type of mold fungus is resistant to the negative effects of external factors. Aspergillus spores do not die for a long time when frozen or dried. They are in water, soil, air. The favorite habitats of the fungus are: ventilation ducts; bathrooms; damp walls; soil in potted plants; old books and magazines.


Infection occurs by inhalation of air with aspergillus spores.

Alimentary (through food) and contact (through microdamages in the mucous membranes or skin) transmission routes are possible. In medical practice cases of self-infection are registered. Violation of the state of the immune system leads to the activation of aspergillus inside the body.


Transplantation of Seroquel organs increases the risk of mold growth.

Invasive aspergillosis is diagnosed in one in five cases, and half of the patients die. Otolaryngologists have identified factors that reduce immune defense and lead to pulmonary mycosis: bronchiectasis; intestinal dysbacteriosis; long-term use of cytostatics; tuberculosis; diabetes; radiation therapy; burn injuries of ENT organs.


Fungal diseases of the lungs are most susceptible to pigeon breeders, bakers, flour millers, agricultural workers, and poultry farms.

Mycotic infection in the lungs is difficult to treat and sometimes fatal. According to the method of infection, 3 forms of aspergillosis are distinguished: endogenous - the fungus begins to multiply against the background of immunodeficiency states; exogenous - the infection enters the lungs by alimentary or aerosol means; transplacental - the causative agent of aspergillosis is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy.

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According to localization, 6 forms of mycosis are distinguished: eye; skin; bronchopulmonary; bone; otolaryngological; disseminated. Aspergillosis of the respiratory tract and lungs accounts for more than 90% of all forms of mycosis.



According to the nature of the course, acute and chronic aspergillosis are distinguished. In otolaryngology, 4 forms of ENT pathology are distinguished: Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. Accompanied by inflammation of the lung tissue and bronchial tree. Symptoms are similar to the manifestations of bronchial asthma - high fever, paroxysmal cough, shortness of breath, shortness of breath. Yellow or brown grains are found in the sputum.



Aspergillus bronchitis. Aspergillus lesionyut bronchial mucosa, sometimes the trachea is involved in inflammation. Shortness of breath, chest pain, debilitating cough indicate damage to the respiratory system. Expectorant mucus sometimes contains streaks of blood. Aspergillus pneumonia.


The defeat of the lungs by mycotic infection is indicated by a wet cough, high fever, fever, pain behind the sternum. If untreated, the foci of inflammation increase, which causes hemoptysis.

With a tumor-like form of mycosis, cavities with aspergillus are formed in the lungs. Due to the active reproduction of the fungus, aspergilloma bleeds, which is manifested by hemoptysis.

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When assessing the condition of patients, the degree of invasion is taken into account, that is, the introduction of the fungus into the internal organs.

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In the zone of active reproduction of fungi, tissues die off, which aggravates the patient's condition. The infection spreads rapidly, causing aspergillosis to become disseminated.

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Non-invasive - superficial lesion of the respiratory system, in which single aspergilloma is formed in the lungs. The disease has a benign course. Seroquel pills - deep damage to the bronchi, pleura, lungs and other organs of the respiratory system.

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With inflammation of the lungs, localized foci occur extremely rarely. In the absence of therapy, the fungus colonizes adjacent organs. This is dangerous with the spread of fungal inflammation and death.

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Manifestations of aspergillosis depend on the location of the foci, the degree of invasion of the fungus into the organs. Non-invasive mycosis proceeds with few symptoms. It is almost impossible to determine the duration of the incubation period. Inflammation in the lungs is discovered by chance during an X-ray examination.

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Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in 75% of cases proceeds rapidly. At the initial stage, the disease masquerades as bronchitis. Aspergillus lesion is indicated by: persistent cough; fast fatiguability; lethargy; sharp weight loss; expectoration of green sputum and blood.

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Paroxysmal unproductive cough and shortness of breath are the primary manifestations of mycosis of the lungs.

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In the invasive form of mycosis, the paranasal sinuses and skin are often affected. Nodular rashes appear on the mucous membrane and body.

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Aspergillosis of the respiratory system occurs in one of the options or a combination of them:

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It is characterized by swelling and redness of the pharynx, the formation of a dark gray or brownish coating on the mucosa. Otitis externa. It is manifested by peeling, redness and a grayish coating in the auditory canal.

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